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Charity Cricket Games MASTERPOST
bradleyjfan wrote in a_shot_of_brad

Since 2012, Bradley has participated in the annual David (Davey) Holmes Charity Cricket Match, which raises funds for the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital (RNOH). This match is in aid of former stuntman David Holmes who was left paralysed after an accident on the the set of one of the Harry Potter movies.

The match appears to be a very private event, with a few photos released afterwards via Ripple Productions.co.uk and some fans/spectators. Unfortunately, the Ripple website was removed in 2018, so it remains to be seen whether we'll continue to see any photos of the day, aside from Bradley's own social media posts. Some years he is also joined by his Merlin co-star and friend, Rupert Young,

In 2013, he also played in a charity cricket match at Bunbury Cricket Club.

Click below for links to each years' photos.  Photo credit: Ripple Productions.

[Click for links]
Third photo of Bradley & Rupert at the David Holmes Cricket Cup (2018) new
Bradley & Rupert at  the David Holmes Cricket Cup (2018) new
Bradley and Rupert at the David Holmes Charity Cricket Cup (2018)

More photos from the David Holmes Cricket Cup 2017
Bradley at Charity Cricket Match (August 2017)

David Holmes Cricket Cup Charity Event (2016)
David Holmes Cricket Cup Charity Event
(no subject)
More Charity Cricket Photos
Cricket Champ

Charity Cricket Match
2 new photos - BTS on 'Damien' and charity cricket match
Cricket Whites
Charity Cricket Match

David Holmes Cricket Match (2014)
Cricket 2014
Cricket whites
Batter up
Captain Hot
Bradley and fans (August 2014)
Looking Good!
Wonderful in White
(no subject)

2013 (Bunbury & David Holmes)
How very sporting! (Bunbury Cricket Club)
Gorgeous!  (Bunbury Cricket Club)
Bunbury Charity Cricket Match (2013)   new
David Holmes Cricket Cup (2013) new

Bradley and Rupert at charity cricket match (2012)

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Ooh, thanks for all the links to past photos!

You're welcome. :)

I hope we get some more current photos at some point(and future ones next year).

Thank you for your thorough coverage! ♥

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